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CH803BW Horns in Varnish


CH808W Horns in Shellac


CH805BWL in Basswood and Natural Shellac.


CH1505BWL full lobe multicellulars

Full lobed

CH1505BW in Basswood and Natural Shellac.


CH1803BW 18 cell horn in Basswood and Natural Shellac.

CH1803BW    18 Cell

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CH1505BWLD Directly coupled full lobed  15 cell horn in Basswood and Natural Shellac.

Lobed Directly coupled 

Exotic Burmese Teak 

   After  years of listening and testing the reproduction of  acoustical musical instruments, I observed that  the most beautiful sounding instruments are all made of natural materials such as wood and very specialized varnishes finish, with very specific shapes and sizes according to their tone and specific range of frequencies (pitch).
  In an acoustic instrument the sound is produced by the natural vibration of a string, membrane or tube, amplified and naturally changed to a pleasant sound by a wood or metal acoustical resonator box or tube of an acoustical right material, size and  shape.
    Taking into account my observations, studies and by logic thinking and intuition I concluded that the same principles apply to the reproduction of instruments by an artificial media such as amplifiers and transducers and more specifically to the use of  wood in the speakers and specifically horns which are to my findings the highest expression of musical reproduction.
Excursion of a diaphragm or cone in a loudspeaker is directly proportional and related to distortion, the higher the excursion at any specific moment the higher the distortion levels created.

    Thanks to the all wood, natural finishes, natural progressive impedance coupling of diaphragm to media, and the very high efficiency of a high quality compression driver requiring very small excursions of it's diaphragm to re-create even the strongest  music passages easily, results in very low  power requirement to drive the diaphragm micro-displacement, even at high sound levels, utterly  low distortion is attained.
 This magic combination renders a smooth sweet and articulated reproduction with "life like" space and air among instruments, revealing  resolution of detail with a vivid and transparent "concert in your room" magic quality, and captivating  "live" performance with body, weight and presence reproducing music with utterly low distortion levels.
Created to get the listener as closed to a live performance as possible, capturing and reproducing continuous transparent neutrality and purity of reproduction, rendering music with the inherent sweetness and impact of a live performance.
Made mainly of Tilia, known as Basswood in North America, that offers stability and the advantage among many other woods of a  low resonance, avoiding ringing and distortions at resonance frequencies.  The all wood construction and the right amount of cork covering the back of each cell in the multicellular structure offers extra damping of resonances and vibrations, yet allowing the wood do it's "job" transferring the sound with naturalness.
 Only natural glue and wood, no fiberglass or any other synthetic plastics are used. All natural Shellac finish.
The Multicellular construction results in a wide sound dispersion pattern.
Light weight for ease of transportation.  
  Resonances and vibrations tend to mud the sound by adding distortion to the reproduction, they are not acoustic musical instruments creating their own sounds, but sound reproducers resembling them.   
  The mounting flange is made of aircraft grade Birch plywood and stainless steel hardware to mount to the provided all wood throat adapter  wave-guide (when applicable) with 1/4" or 5/16" stainless steel mounting bolts.

  Wood horns and especially multicellular are truly harder to manufacture than the metal counterpart, we believe is worth the extra effort, after all, how many metal violins are to be found ? Any aluminum, plastic piano  ?

 The advantage of natural wood and coatings having their own nature "signature" for the reproduction of music with low distortion high efficiency and naturalness resulting in superbly clear voices, is obvious.  

Handcrafted with most care, dedication and high attention to detail.  One at a time !

They are simply awesome!  

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