Wood Multicellular  Horn

Lobed mouth, Cork underlie
Finished in Natural Shellac

 Fully lobed version with cork underlie for extra damping and superb performance!

Only natural glue and wood is used, no fiberglass or any other synthetic plastics.
All natural Shellac finish.

Cork dampening covering the whole back an individual internal cells
Smooth response. 

 The wood multicellulars are manufactured with 1/4" cork underlie,covering  the back of each cell in the multi-cellular structure with even less resonances than previous original horns.

Full lobed mouths, offering an amazing smooth and natural reproduction.

The mounting flange is made of aircraft grade Birch plywood with stainless steel hardware to mount

to the  provided all wood throat adapter / wave-guide  with  1/4 -20 stainless steel mounting bolts.
Handcrafted with most care and high attention to detail !
Weight is only  5Lbs 2 oz. per horn!

Wave guide adapter for Altec 288 1.4" or driver of your choice included.

288 driver and CH805BWL with 1.4" waveguide.

Truly a Masterpiece of sound and craftsmanship!


Chela Audio, Co.


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