CH 288-287

Altec 288 permanent magnet

Field coil Conversion

CH 288-287 

Altec 288 (B,C,D)  permanent magnet drivers conversion.
Similar to the older Altec 287  drivers.

The newer CH 288-287 field coil drivers incorporate a special heat transferring epoxy potting compound that completely fills the driver cavity surrounding the field coil, and in direct contact with the central pole piece and the body of the driver, eliminating air voids, with improved heat dissipation. 
  A supply of 15V dc at 1.5A amp will generate low heat (warm to the touch). A variable regulated DC power supply capable of supplying  up to 15 V dc at 5A amps or more will be fine for both coils in parallel connection.

For the ultimate in sound reproduction a field coil driver is unsurpassed !. Very musical, smooth and warm !

Total  weight, each:  24 Lbs. 
Field Coil weight 6 Lbs.
Field Coil power consumption at recommended 15V  22.5W

High quality silver coated copper with Teflon insulation cables are used for the audio and power connections.

Shipping Worldwide

Shipped in one double box with an approximated weight of 52 Lbs. measuring 12 x 12 x 12 inches approximately

A 30-day refund if not 100% satisfied with the CH 288-287 field coil drivers. Providing there is no damage and returned in the same condition as received. The buyer is responsible for shipping,
both ways and Custom expenses.
A re-stocking fee of 15% of the total sale price is charged for any returned item.

5 Years limited Warranty.
CH Audio Design  will repair or replace the CH 288-287 field coil drivers against any manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for five years from the delivery date, providing that the field coil drivers are not abused or misused  and kept off rain or water / high humidity or excessive heat, dropped, broken, or modified in any way..

$2,875 for a pair.

CH Audio Design, Co.
FAX  863-229-1683

Email:   mail@chaudiodesign.com


Shown in the graphic the response curves of a CH 288287  15V dc  Field Coil converted 288 driver with 5, 10,15 and 20 Volts applied to the field coil. Measurements taken at the throat of the driver very closed to the phase plug. Final frequency response will vary according to the load and frequency characteristics of the horn used.

 Measurements taken with color identifying curves and the following field coil applied potentials:
Gray     5V
Green   10V
Red      15V
Blue     20V

The magnetic field strength is directly proportional to the power applied to the field coil up to saturation at which an increase of power to the field coil won't increase the strength of the magnetic field and all that extra energy will be wasted as heat.
In this configuration the best compromise is at 15 Volts dc, keeping the heat generation at a minimum with a very flat and high efficiency output throughout the audio response of the driver, extending very well up to he higher frequencies.  
This frequency response is rarely accomplished with the permanent magnet 288 driver.
The frequency response as shown in the graphic is very flat and smooth even using a 1/24 octave spectra  instead of 1/3 as is usually measured for a smoother more forgiving curve. A very high sound pressure level of over 110db with only 1W  
The frequency response clearly deteriorating as the power to the coil is reduced specially at the top and bottom ends of the frequency spectrum as shown in the gray curve, the response is very similar with  15 and 20 Volts applied, only showing  a relatively small  increase of output at the frequency extremes at higher Voltages.

Measurements are taken at the throat of a converted driver with no horn, 1/24 octave spectra with an 16 Ohms diaphragm  at 1 Watt  (2.83 Volts RMS) sweep sinusoidal signal  from 100HZ to 22,000 Hz., yielding a very high output.
No dividing  network crossover was used.

The following graphic compares a unit before and after conversion with the recommended 15 V dc applied to the field coil.
The red curve shows the response with the Field coil, the black curve with the Alnico magnet.


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