Full lobe Directly coupled wood multicellulars
Finished in Natural Shellac

The full lobed version of the CH1505BWL

Smooth sweet and articulated reproduction with life like space and air among instruments, resolution of detail is revealing with a vivid and
transparent "concert in your room" magic quality, and captivating  "live" performance with body, weight and presence.                          

 The distortion levels of these horn / driver configuration are utterly low,  thanks to their high efficiency and the low power required to drive
the diaphragm micro-displacement even at high sound levels, thanks to the impedance coupling of driver to air making them highly efficient,
and offering a wide dispersion pattern, all wood construction and underlie of cork for extra damping of resonances, with the choice of a full
lobed design offering even a smoother frequency response, resulting in a superbly natural and low distortion reproduction.

 Wood horns and especially multicellular are truly harder to manufacture than the metal counterpart, we believe is worth the extra effort, after
all, how many metal violins are to be found ? Any aluminum, or plastic piano?

 Made mainly of Tilia, known as Basswood in North America, that offers the advantage among other woods of low resonance, avoiding ringing
at resonance frequencies. Light weight for ease of transportation, only 10 Lbs. per horn! (with cork dampening )
 Manufactured with sound damping cork, covering the back of each cell in the multicellular structure with lower resonances and  full lobed
mouths, offering an amazing smooth and natural reproduction.


Only natural glue and wood is used, no fiberglass or any other synthetic plastics are their manufacture.
All natural Shellac finish.
The mounting flange is made of aircraft grade Birch plywood to mount to the driver directly.

98 pieces and sub-assemblies of wood are carefully glued together, some have to be carved and shaped by hand for the fabrication of each
CH1505BWLD multicellular horn ! Forming a strong and stiff structure, a total of 196 pieces for one pair ! Handcrafted with most care and
high attention to detail.