CH 1505BW
Altec Replicas in Wood
Finished in Natural Shellac

101 pieces and sub-assemblies of wood are glued together, some have to be carved and shaped by hand
for the fabrication of each multi-cellular horn ! Forming a strong and stiff structure, a total of 202 pieces
 for one pair !
Weight is only 4 Lbs. per horn !

Handcrafted with most care and high attention to detail.

Shown with damping cork  covering each  and every cel l .

All natural Shellac finish.
The mounting flange is made of aircraft grade Birch plywood with stainless steel hardware to mount to the original
Altec throat adapter or to the provided all wood throat adapter wave-guide.

     The wave-guides are a representation of the highest quality of craftsmanship as well, formed and shaped by a special high  pressure process, with all wood and natural glue materials, offering a very smooth transition from the round throat area of  the driver end to the square mouth connecting to the multi-cellular horn assembly.