Dimitry's System
Beautiful !


Dimitry and his father, together they accomplished the task !

Dimitry's Amazing System


"How do You do, Carlos!
Here we are, CH1505BWL  coupled with our new bass horn (see pics)!
We've succeeded to cross them smoothly & new system sounds truly gorgeous, uncompromising, it's a synergy!
It turned out that Your 1505 coupled with Vitavox goes down to 300Hz - just fine. Our bass section (JBL 150-4C on field-coil motor inside) feels best in 34 - 290 Hz region.
However, there are some ideas based on a proposition that as soon as 300Hz are not natural for Vitavox S2, we should go for a dedicated low MF horn-loaded (150Hz cutt-off freq.) section "

                 Moscow, Russia
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